Underwater Fauna: The abundance of life in the ocean…

July 5, 2015 | 0 Comments | Blog

During this busy semester of retouching homework, shooting like crazy and working hard at my internship in LA, I have not had much of an opportunity to update my blog.  But this particular occasion definitely calls for an interruption in the schedule for quick sharing of a wonderful experience.  This last week we joined my brother & his family as well as my parents  for a beautiful vacation in Hawaii (The Big Island).  We were able to take in some incredible sights and enjoy the wonders of this gorgeous island.  One of my favorite activities was jumping in the ocean and snorkeling with some incredible creatures of the sea AND putting my underwater photography skills to some good use (of course!).  Here are just a few images of the life under water (coral, sea urchin,sea turtle, angel fish, etc) at TWO STEP beach. I loved this island and we all can’t wait to go back!


This guy was enjoying a nice meal of algae or something on this coral and was soon joined by his friend (can you see him in the back?). It looks like he is looking right at me. It was difficult to keep my distance from him because the waves kept taking me closer and closer to him. He had better control and wasn’t getting tossed around as much as I was!!!  


The coral in some of the shallow areas were quite striking!


He is tough to see, but that is a puffer fish in the lower right corner.



There were an abundance of these small yellow fish (IDK the name). The angel fish were tough to capture as they are pretty fast!


I loved this large sea urchin and free dove to get in a little closer to him!

Thanks again to my teacher Ralph Clevenger for helping me develop this very valuable skill set!


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