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November 11, 2015 | 5 Comments | Blog

I had the opportunity to visit Detroit recently to shoot my dear friend’s gorgeous daughter, Sarika for her senior photos!  The three of us had an amazing photographic adventure.  I used to live in Detroit some years back and I never ventured into the city or tried to absorb the place with the photographers eye.  I got to do just that this time and I had a blast.  I was able to appreciate the beauty of this city in a new way.   We spent the entire day driving around but I believe I only got to see a drop in the bucket of the visual sweet spots that this city has to offer!

With all of the new construction and architecture, I could tell this city is going through a huge revitalization !  However, to add to the newness is all of the really cool old and vintage character of the old city. It is a photographer’s dream.  I can’t wait to shoot even more in the future!  Here are a few of my favorite shots of the weekend.

A huge thanks to Sangeeta  and Sarika Shah for the fabulous weekend!


Splendid Detroit Fall Colors


Urban Backdrops




and last but certainly not least……

Beauty and Elegance of our Heritage





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    Fabulous pictures Neelu. You have very nicely captured her moods! Every one of them is a gem especially the b&w.

  2. Posted by Sangeeta Shah on

    Neelu, the photos are amazing and a testament to your abilities. It was great to witness your artistry– to watch you select the perfect backdrop, encourage and inspire a range of expressions and poses while bringing technical precision to every shot. Your passion and quest for the perfect photo was contagious. We’re so fortunate that you were available to shoot Sarika’s senior photos. You’ve provided us with a memory of a lifetime in the form of the photos and our time together! Love & gratitude, Sangeeta

    • Thank you Sangeeta! It helps to have a beautiful subject and a fabulous environment to shoot in! Thanks also for jumping in and helping hold lights and reflectors! And I also will always have fond memories of that weekend! It was such a huge success in every way!

  3. A good blog! I will bookmark a few of these..

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