Ode to Avedon

May 4, 2015 | 0 Comments | Blog

The assignment was called “Nostalgia”. However, this was more than an assignment for me. I loved doing it and put everything into it until it didn’t feel like a job or assignment for school. It was pure fun.

The requirements were to choose a time frame and create an image that would appear as though it had been created right out of that time period. You had to be meticulous and research every detail in the shot, from the makeup on her face to the shoes on her feet and the camera in his hands. And recreate it.

My partner, Cherix and I chose the 1960’s. For me when I think of that time period, the “outtake” imagery of Richard Avedon guiding his models on how to move and literally dancing with them in a shot are burned in my brain, along with his iconic photo shoots of Twiggy. He was so engaged with his subjects. I have always loved this and I want to be this way. There was such a grace and fluidity to his photographs. I have always loved this and want to create like this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.43.41 PM©Richard Avedon

So it seemed only natural to feature my idol in our nostalgia shot!   What do you think? Did we capture the time period?

NOSTALGIA EC FLAT LAUREN ONLY©Cherix Leung 2015 and ©Neelu Eldurkar 2015

nostalgia 11by14 flat GROUP

©Cherix Leung 2015 and ©Neelu Eldurkar 2015

Thanks to the dream team of photographers, makeup artist and models! To Cherix my greatest partner for collaborating on this project and retouching the images!

The only thing missing is shooting this on actual film. Perhaps next time!

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