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May 3, 2015 | 0 Comments | Blog

The amazing thing about Brooks Institute is that we are getting exposure to different kinds of photography.  Some criticize the school to expose students to so many different genres with the assumption that they are masters of none.  Honestly?  NAH…  Sure, it’s been a bit of a confusing ride.  But I have no regrets.  Like many other students that have graduated before me, I feel like I will take what I have learned and eventually shoot what I love to shoot….and be good at it.  Several semester ago, when I was confused about whether I was a people photographer or a product photographer, one wise teacher, Chuck Place, told me “Neelu, you are overthinking this….Let it pick you”.  Ha!  As so many of my classmates around me have already picked their career, I do feel a little like the last “kid” to be picked on a team.  Still not sure….

This last semester for practical reasons I chose to take Bill Robbin’s FOOD class.  Even though my first love will always be commercial people photography and fashion, I know the tricks to photograph a beautiful dessert, salad, burger on the grill or a chilled bottle of Coca Cola and make it look delicious or refreshing!

Here are a few examples of the work created from that class.  Check out the FOOD AND BEVERAGE section of my website for more!


Retouching Credit:  ©Cherix Leung Photography

Retouching Credit: ©Cherix Leung Photography

eldur_n_final_04 eldur_n_popup_01


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